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Arcade Game Manual: Final Lap by Atari Games

Published 1988

Arcade game manual for Final Lap, by Atari Games. Includes set-up, inspecting the game, connecting cabinets, choosing car type, control/switch locations, self-tests, preventative maintenance, repairs, illustrated parts lists, glossary, warranty. From Atari Games Corporation, 675 Sycamore Drive, P.O. Box 361110, Milpitas, California 95035.

Year 1988
Language English
Collection arcademanuals; manuals


Reviewer: Flippers - - November 24, 2012
Subject: Complete manual for the upright version of the game.
Finally, a PDF copy that includes the schematics. Good quality scans (about 300DPI), and includes a few notes written on the schematics to aid in servicing.